Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I present to you my heart warming children’s book.   Even though this book is an easy read for 7 year olds and up, parents can still read it to their younger children as the illustrations will help them understand its message.  Available in several bilingual versions, this book will offer not only the opportunity for young people to become acquainted with another language, but also with the ever so delicate approach to a world of friendship and compassion towards non-humans.

This book represents to me, much more than just the pleasure of having written it.  It has offered me the opportunity to communicate with our youth in a language that will show them how easy it is to love and respect the most defenseless members of our societies: The animals. 

The charming illustrations are 100% true to the story’s contents to transport the reader to a world of what “could or can be.”  The intention on this book is not only to offer the readers a fictional outlet, but to awaken in them the innate compassion that’s abundant but often forgotten in human beings. Since our future rests in the hands of our children, so does the future of all animals. Therefore, the importance of keeping in close contact and guiding these important readers is primordial.

Thank you for visiting this site!

Rosa Close

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